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Our default settings are our inbuilt subconscious beliefs, our habits, our attitudes and our expectations-most of which we are unaware of.

We, as human beings, are mentally programmed to have a default setting to create momentum in our daily lives so that we don’t have to waste time each day making simple decisions (like, for example, brushing your teeth in the morning). So in this way our settings are obviously beneficial!

However, many of the features on our default settings can be preventing us from creating the reality we want in life; finding the perfect partner or a purposeful career, being free from financial worry, losing weight, increasing our health and well being, achieving our goals, BIG and small…..

Our default settings are part of our subconscious mental program that pretty much control every move we make. Most of us move into action each day, buzzed out on coffee, running here, there and everywhere, without any conscious thought or awareness whatsoever.

We do not stop to question why we are doing anything that we do. We miss opportunities for growth and development everyday because we are too busy not being aware and present in the moment. We have all the knowledge about healthy living, dating, how to save money and so on but we don’t use any of it because we are being completely controlled by our settings, which we are mostly unaware of. And then we wonder why our reality is not to our liking!

Maybe …..

-You’re finding it hard to find the perfect partner- perhaps you’ve got unwanted features in your default settings around self love or self worth….

-You’re constantly dieting or exercising or have food issues….you’ve probably got beliefs around your self image and again self love.

-You’ve always struggled financially and never seem to be at ease— you’ve got limiting beliefs around money!

-You have a health issue-perhaps there is an underlying belief/habit that has manifested itself as that.

-You feel stuck in a career and don’t know which way to go with your life- you probably have subconscious algorithm around self love, image and worth.

-You’ve got a massive goal that you just can’t seem to achieve or even get started! It’s probably because your default setting is holding you back and needs to be switched and upgraded to a better one, pronto!

But the GOOD NEWS is that I can help you live the life you truly desire and use the Law of Attraction so that it works every time.

The journey into conscious awareness is never-ending and with mentorship and a consistent mindset practice put in place, we can keep upgrading our settings so that we can live life as we’ve always desired.