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When we don’t partake in our regular mindset practice, we experience doubt, fear and anxiety. We become ignorant of our potential as spiritual beings. We forget the truth of who we are. The only way to conquer these feelings of doubt and anxiety is through actively participating in mindset practice every single day in order to stay in control of our lives with our thoughts. Negative thought patterns will get the better of us if we forget to actively focus on the positive. If you find yourself slipping into negative thought patterns, STOP what you’re doing right now. Nothing you do when you’re in that headspace is of any worth to anyone and things will just spiral and bring you more of the same negativity. Do something you love immediately. Don’t dwell in your sadness. Ring a friend, go out and party even if you don’t initially feel like it, pet a kitten, eat chocolate, listen to some music, do whatever makes you feel good. Raise your vibration and move straight back into flow. If you haven’t opened the door to conscious awareness and mindset practice just yet, this is an exciting time for you. Get curious! Send me a message if you would like to learn more about how to live successfully, your way.