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There are two ways in which we can experience a shift in conscious awareness, or a reality upgrade.

1.The Situational and Emotional Smashup.

That’s the heart attack scare from smoking or the break up of a marriage or relationship. It’s that moment in life where negative circumstances make you wake up and think, “What am I doing? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What is life all about?” Don’t wait for the smashup to make the change-it could be too late!

2. Spiralling Expansion.
This is studying the same material over and over again to reprogram your mind. As you do this, your awareness grows, like the spiral. Constant repetition and study would be all well and good if we weren’t so controlled by our programming. In order for the study to work and mentally reprogram our minds, we need mentorship to keep us on track. Mentorship is key. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to meet someone to do this on their own. Our mental programs are so strong and we are unaware of most of them that we need a mentor to hold us accountable and guide us and tell us straight out when our limiting bullshit is pulling us back into a place of fear. The accountability factor is huge. People let themselves down when it comes to taking action steps but when you’ve a mentor who checks in with you and you’ve made the commitment, then there’s no faffing about or time wasting. Watch how your dreams turn into goals when I work with you for six months!