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In 2016, I faced huge fears; taking a career break with little or no money saved, travelling the world and then moving abroad on my own. Then I took another massive risk in 2017, when I made the commitment to start working with a mentor. I knew I had come as far as I could on my own, and because my self-worth was so low at the time, I knew that without proper guidance and accountability I would remain stuck in the same cycle of desiring more but never taking or completing any tangible steps to get there. I felt unworthy of having the best in life. We are all worthy of this and should not accept any less! I stepped forward into growth with all these risks and now I look for challenges on the daily, that I know will raise my awareness and cause me to experience the growth I am seeking.

Before this journey really began for me, I used to look at my visualisation board in my granny’s attic every morning with a picture of “the Secret” and a ‘?’ beside it. I knew in my heart that there was something more that I needed to know about life. I used to talk about a ‘light switch’ within me that I felt needed to be turned on. Now that I’ve found the light switch and the lumens of my light keep getting brighter and brighter the more I learn.

Deciding to change my ‘default settings’ and reprogram my subconscious mind to create my current reality has been the most beneficial leap I’ve ever taken. If you are like I was, with aspirations that never seem to get up off the ground, contact me and I will send you on your way.