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A Conscious Life

The answer to all of life’s problems is right under our nose, yet many of us do not know how to optimise the healing power of this life-giving source and resource.
The connected breath gives us direct access to the hidden part of ourselves, where we carry our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, memories, trauma and mental conditioning. We wonder why we feel anxious, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. It is because we are unaware of the programme that is creating our experience of reality.
Conscious connected breathwork is the fastest and easiest way to increase our self-awareness so we can flourish and live with passionate purpose. The breather is empowered as they take full responsibility for their journey into higher consciousness.
The Conscious Rose guides you throughout your breathwork session and amplifies your healing experience with processing and targeted mentoring afterwards.
With the steady support of the Conscious Rose, you will foster resilience as you release your old limiting subconscious programming, and develop the determination and grit to create the life you deserve.

Having the life you desire has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with your ability to relax and feel joyful. Dedicate time just for you each week and attend classes to expand your awareness of your limitless potential.

Rise above any obstacle that has held you back from experiencing the blissful joy that life offers. Be challenged and supported with private breathwork and processing sessions, along with targeted mentoring to ensure you reach your goals.

Never underestimate the power of play. Expose yourself to new ideas, methods of interaction and explore new activities in our inspiring workshops.

Together we are strong; together we accomplish more, celebrate our success and spur ourselves on to the next stage of development. Learn what true support feels like.

About Me

My name is Róisín Ní Bhroin (Ro-sheen Nee Vrin). Irish born, my name means 'little rose'. The rose plant is hardy, thorny, with a blossom eternally beautiful. Humanity is the same. We are all hardy, we come with thorns and when we blossom, our many gifts and talents are like intersecting petals, individually fragile, wholly enchanting.
A teacher by profession and nature, I have exclusively specialised in human development and growth. I have long felt limited by national curriculums, knowing that there was more that could be drawn out of the student. Each of us craves growth and knowledge, each of us yearns to be more than what we currently are. Inhibited by early setbacks, lack of support and fear, we stunt our growth and close ourselves off to our incredible potential.
With the right direction and support we can reconnect with our passions and dreams, develop our gifts and talents and overcome the fear that prevents us from living a connected, purposeful life.

Today's Affirmations

Release limiting beliefs and old ways of being. Embrace new consciousness and lovingly encourage growth and joy with these following affirmations.

I have value

I know and appreciate my worth and value. I joyfully allow myself to accept the very best in life.

I accept

I peacefully accept all that life brings to me. I recognise that which I have the power to change.

I love

I open my heart to love and allow it to freely enter my life.


I am in a state of fulfilment. I have abundant love and joy in my life and I am free to do, have or be whatever I truly desire.

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Thank you so much Róisín. You provided me with the clarity I needed and now I have the support and wisdom to achieve my goals.

Digital Content Manager


Róisín helped me accept and develop coping skills to get over the death of my father. She helped me develop an understanding of my grief and was able make such an abstract concept seem logical. Her step by step method in only thinking positive things and visualising one day at a time helped me realise that a process was involved and that I could do it on my own. Pin-pointing short and long term goals helped me to focus on getting my life back to 'normal'. She knew when to stop and when to ask provoking questions and always in a very comfortable way. She showed me the way when I was truly considering giving up.


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