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Love. Who are we kidding when we pretend it’s not all we want? Love, all love, is the start, middle and end game of life.

Everything we are chasing all boils down to love. We try to pretend it’s not and we distract ourselves with other things, like good careers, great bodies, nice cars, no strings attached sex etc, all just trying to fill the void of love we have within us.

It’s not our fault. We’ve all been born into suffering, all relative of course, but we all feel it to some degree. Life is all about our journey of healing.

Every person we meet along the way is not a coincidence. We are just energy, attracting each other or repelling and moving away. We attract or repel each other to bring about more of what we need to feel love.

We were given these spiritual bodies and amazing minds which have allowed us to think and create, think and create, think and create the most amazing external things. And then things got so advanced that many of us stopped harnessing the power within us to create and instead placed our power into these external things, thinking that’s where it came from.

We are confused because we have forgotten. We are the ones who have all the power. We tap into that power when we are on the vibration of love.

The crises that most of us are experiencing come about because we keep giving our power over to external things and other people, trying to fill our lack. The void is our connection to love, to the self. Not to others. Just to us.

This is why most relationships are not working. It’s not our fault that we look to the other person for love, that we have forgotten what it’s all about.

We are disappointed when the love buzz of a relationship wears off and the connection is lost so we try to blame it on external factors.

Just know that meeting that person was only to trigger something within you that you need to connect with. They are there only to help show up what it is you need to form a love connection with yourself. It does not matter who the other person is, (as horrible as that sounds), they are merely there as your reflection, the “like” energy that you’ve attracted. (And if you’re “single”, wanting to meet someone, just notice whether you’ve got self love, whether you feel worthy of meeting someone, whether you feel good enough. Listen to your self talk and ask yourself if you would speak to your best friend like that.)

Know that when a relationship starts to fall apart, it’s just because you’re not on the same frequency anymore. You’re different; maybe you’ve grown or the other person has. There has been a shift, a change. You’ve realised that what you looked for from them cannot fill this void within you. You have lost the connection to yourself.

The scenarios that happen between you are there so that you will heal your subconscious beliefs that you’ve picked up through your own life path, other people’s paths before you, or maybe even beliefs from the collective consciousness. They all begin to purge, and you have to face them to get rid of them; to learn, grow and heal that part of you. All to move on to the next healing journey.

Each relationship we have, is all just a way for us to heal ourselves. If you’re repeating the same pattern, you’ve not learned your lesson yet and that’s okay. But do try to become aware of it.

The end of relationships feel awful but both parties grow from it. We learn so much about ourselves. We shed a layer, we get a DNA upgrade, and we can choose to move to a higher plane, closer to the unconditional love that God/the Universe wants us to have.

We are healing our own hearts so that they become full and that’s the aim of life.

If we pay attention to our lessons and learn from them, we get to this level of self love where our buckets begin to overflow. It’s only then that we can now help others in a purposeful, unconditional, loving way. We are not looking to the other person to fill our void of love.

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? It’s because you are. Look within you, look around you at the results in your life. What are they trying to tell you? What are your lessons? Life is bringing you lessons and tests to see if you can grow into a better person and closer to this unconditional love.

So let’s not pretend that we’re not all love-seeking organisms. It’s all we are. It’s the ultimate goal in life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build a deeper connection with yourself in order to improve your relationships with others or find love , reach out and I’m happy to help.