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Before I was introduced to “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, I was really sick of everything; sick of my job and not having money, sick of never feeling body confident, sick of not finding love, sick of having zero energy. I was so sick of everything that this manifested as sickness in my body. I missed over 30 days of work in one year because of sickness and I thank god everyday for the wake up call I got from my higher self that things needed to change. Listen to your body. If you are feeling like I did in 2013, then stop right now and ask yourself, is this how I really want to continue living?! Is this how I want 2019 to be like? Although I had no life threatening illnesses and was just generally sick, who knows what my health and life would be like had I continued to live the way I was living.

You have to take action and risk big if you want to see big change. You are only pacifying yourself by taking little baby steps- little steps will give you little change in your reality. People are so hard on themselves and wouldn’t treat their worst enemy the way they treat themselves. Why don’t people think that they deserve to live an amazing life? You need to be in the starring role in the movie of your life. If you are feeling like you’re not in the main character then make a decision to change that.

From what we know, we only have one life in this body of ours and if we died tomorrow would we be happy about the way we spent our day today? If we haven’t been fulfilled for more than a few days in a row then we have to change something.

Propel your way forward into 2019 by making some quantum upgrades. Love, happiness, health and abundance are the most important things in your life. They are your birthright. If you don’t have all these things then your only job right now is to obtain them.

I work with my clients to help them achieve their deepest desires in life through bringing long-lasting change in mindset. If you feel the way I felt a couple of years back, my advice to you would be to NOT wait until the big situational or emotional smashup ( eg. the break up, the health scare) and to BECOME curious about conscious awareness – read “The Secret” or watch it on Netflix to start off and send me a message if you want to know more.