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The one thing I’ve been resisting the past few months is getting rid of my tarot cards. As many of you may know, I can read tarot cards pretty well (and have been doing so, since around the time this video was taken of me living in my grandmothers attic in Ireland). However, being able to read tarot cards has actually nothing to do with the cards. The cards may as well be matchsticks to me. You see, we are ALL born with the skill of intuition, or some may call it clairvoyance. The problem is that most of humankind do not practice this skill. They sometimes get these gut instincts but they never put it down to this innate ability.

I have practiced using this skill and so I’m pretty good at getting visions of the future for people. However, I have in the past given my power over to the cards, this external influence outside of myself. I have gone to the cards for guidance instead of listening to my inner Sat Nav. The cards definitely reflect what is going on inside of us at that moment and of course they show us the possibility of the future. However, as you grow in awareness and come to realise that it is YOU that creates your reality, the cards work less and less, as the belief in them weakens. (And of course, you need the belief in order for the Law of Attraction to take place.)

It’s not often that you seek advice from cards unless you have fear or doubt about the future. This most likely means you’re on a negative vibration and you do not have faith (the key ingredient for the LOA). If you’re using them with the intention behind it as being a bit of fun, (which they are) then certainly there’s no real harm in them. As long as you know that you are in control of your future and not the cards!

I’ve resisted throwing the cards out and would give them a shuffle in times of doubt. So today is a big day, the cards no longer hold the power. I keep and reserve all my energy and know that I create all the results in my life. So now that I have made energetic space in my life, I wonder which of my desires will manifest?!

If you want to find out more about how to increase your clairvoyance abilities, get in touch. Intuition is only one of the many more extremely helpful skills that humankind has forgotten to tap into!